Electrical Engineer

מס׳ משרה
שם משרה
Electrical Engineer
תחום משני
אזור בארץ
תל אביב והסביבה
תיאור משרה

The Electrical Engineer reports directly to the Technical Quality Department Director.
His / her main responsibilities include:

"Responsible for the high-voltage power supply operation and troubleshooting
"Prepare high-voltage electrical operation process specifications. According to Israeli laws and regulations
"Responsible for failure analysis and handling of the LRV electrical system.
"Responsible for the training of high-voltage power supply operation of the light maintenance workshop and the maintenance workshop in the depot.
"Over 5 years of experience with more than 3 years in rolling stock industry.
"Familiar with the theoretical knowledge and operating experience of high-voltage power supply.
"Familiar with the basic theoretical knowledge of rail transit vehicles, the structure, characteristics and working principles of electrical system equipment.
Other Skill and Conditions
"Ability to use English ,Hebrew as working language.
"Able to communicate in Chinese.( optional)

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